Hello, my real name is Niels Maclellan.
I'm a digital Photo teacher in Phoenix Arizona. I was born in Scotland, and spent my early years in London and Bristol England. I moved to the United States back in the early 80's at the tender age of 12.

I worked many jobs ranging from cook to window tinter before going to school and becoming an art teacher. In this capacity I taught children from ages 4-18 drawing painting and ceramics over the course of my career..

I became digital Photo teacher by accident, my school was selected to start a digital photo program, and I was the newest member of the staff. I was also the most qualified because I was the only one who knew how to upload pictures from a camera into a computer. From this humble beginning and lots of time and lots of books, I improved my photoshop skills to the level they are now at.

I also started to experiment with the 3-D medium, my first program was Bryce and from there I worked up to poser and Vue.
The 3-D medium is a fantastic way to get my ideas out of my head without having to mess with paper paint and pencils. I can come up with an Idea and make it a reality in very little time. I also love how technology gives me the ability to share my work on line and also see what every one else is doing.
Now I'm looking to make more and more complex images using this software, and also to start mastering modeling software like Maya.

Thanks again, Niels.