I was contacted by Anarchy Enterprises, a company that makes computer games. They were interested in using some of my images in their game Redrum time lies.

The artwork they chose is part of a collective dream world shared by their characters in the game, and used to create different individual game levels. Since the individual game levels of the dream world are shared by multiple characters in the game, the artwork was mixed together with other artists work. The artwork was be collaged together with their artwork and characters. Finally, depending on the style of gameplay for any individual level, the game levels used a variety of techniques such as adding “Hidden Objects” on top of the artwork, or chopping the artwork into pieces for things like Jigsaw Puzzles. This was a very cool project, and I got my name in the game credits as well. The game is now available, heres a link to their web page, where you can download the game, and play for free for an hour.
And if you like it you can even buy it.
They didn't use all the images, eventual they settled on 3 of them and changed them significantly, with some interesting results.

Here are the images they selected initially for the game, eventual settling on the first 3.