One of the best publishers of 3D models is a company called DAZ 3D. 90% of the 3D models and textures I use I get from this company. They also sponsor lots of contests for 3D artists and give away lots of free models all the time.
Every once and a while, they hold a truly phenomenal contest with outstanding prizes. One of these was their "Think Outside The Box Contest." For this contest DAZ provided a random collection of products, and the object was to use them in the most creative and unusual way possible. They had 4 catagories, the first 3 were groups of products they selected, and the final catagory was a group of products I selected.
The first prize in the contest, was a large monitary prize, software and the winning image used on their web page to promote the bundle, as well as getting the chanc eto work with one of their artists to enhance the winning image.
I ended up creating 3 images for this contest, 2 for their bundle choices and one for the my choice bundle.
The first image "When Pigs Fly." won first place in its catagory.
The second image "Dangerous Minds." Won 2nd place in its catagory.
The third image "Phantasma Mortis." also won second place in its catagory.
This was very exciting, but after the dust settled many people were less than happy that the same person could win more than once and "Dangerous minds" and "Phantasma Mortis" were removed so other artists could share the limelight.
I did get to keep the prize money but only "When Pigs Fly" went on to be published on their website to promote their products,and heres the link.